• Box Tops are an ongoing fundraiser...all box tops need to be in by Oct.23.

Students can turn them in to their homeroom teachers. The homeroom with the most wins a prize!


McIntosh County Middle School PTA
We are only as strong as our volunteers!

Welcome to MCMS.  We are excited about all the events the PTA has planned for your children in the upcoming months.  As always, these events can only be successful with parents volunteering to help out.  This can be accomplished in many ways:

  1. Supporting the PTA financially by becoming a member
  2. Joining a committee(s)
  3. Attending the monthly meetings
  4. Baking for various events

To try to accommodate today's busy schedules, meetings are held at the school in the the evenings at 6:00 p.m. in the Media Center. Please come to our meetings to meet us, share your ideas, and meet other parents.  We welcome suggestions and new input!

We are always looking for new PTA members. It is never too late to join. If you would like to become a member, please contact Tina Whaley at 912-617-1523.

We encourage you to become a member of the PTA.  We will not solicit you for your assistance unless you volunteer! We are low on members so far this year. If you volunteered last year, there is a possibility you may be called on this year.


Tina Whaley 912-617-1523

Kelly McClellan 912-337-4575

Meeting Dates

Upcoming Meetings:

October 23rd

• 6:00 pm

January 29th
• 6:00 pm

SCIENCE Fair Projects

February 26th
• 6:00 pm

ENGLISH & Social Studies Night

March 26th
• 6:00 pm

MATH Night

April 23rd
• 6:00 pm

May 21st
• 6:00 pm

2017-2018 PTA BOARD


Tina Whaley


Julianna Green


Kelly McClellan


Amanda Mincey